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Lana Rogers

Founder + Director

Leading with signature drive and all heart, Lana has been immersed in the marketing and public relations industry for more than a decade. At the helm of Gentle Lion, she leads business development with a lens on value-alignment; meanwhile, connecting with clients on the regular to ensure seamless, on-time and on-budget strategy and execution. 

Lana is passionate about empowering innate brand potential, people-first. Her care is attentive, and her approach is unorthodox for good reason: When brands inevitably thrive on their own path with the help of Gentle Lion, it’s a win for individual autonomy and community fabric. The added plus? Trust and connection formed along the way often cultivates after-hours friendship for life. Cue this little-known fact - about a decade ago Lana also founded Champagne Friday: A personal obsession with bubbly turned lifestyle brand. Its ever-growing followership is a celebration of whole-hearted, electric connections and genuine relationships, centring the bevvy that links it all. 

Rumour has it, Lana has a bit of a “sixth sense” aka strong intuition. When anyone’s in need (literally, anyone) there’s an 11/10 chance she’ll step up to help; it’s here where her knack for whipping up strategies on the fly comes in handy. While moving mountains, catch Prince, Robyn or Sade on full-blast (specifically, “Bullet Proof Soul” by Sade: I came in like a lamb…but I intend to live like a lion). 

Why Gentle Lion? “It’s about attacking life with tender intention and integrity. Representing our clients as fierce yet approachable advocates. Having the aptitude to tame a project or let it run free.” 

Chantal Padavattan

Lead of Strategy + Operations

A Gentle Lion OG, Chantal has brought strategic savvy, imaginative expression and sincere determination to her every client connection since 2016. She spearheads client discovery and strategy, developing impactful framework and collaborating with clients and their teams to enliven tactics.

Backed by soulful substance and an easeful adaptability, Chantal harnesses her inner hype-girl tendencies on the daily; she’s a heart and mind you want on your side and connected to your cause. Where there’s potential to shape more cultured, connected outcomes, there’s Chantal - ride-or-die.

Her take on Gentle Lion? “It exudes our quiet confidence and sense of advocacy for what we believe in. We are bold but not brash, soft, yet strong, and we lead from a place of honesty, humility and vulnerability.” Catch this fiercely loyal Leo and her unmistakably iconic mane forever jamming to The Queens (aka Rih + Bey).

Lily Harris

Client Manager + Community Specialist

Lily owns her role with a dependable nature and thoughtful sense of curiosity, and she quickly became an integral part of the Gentle Lion crew in 2020. A natural do-er and gifted wordsmith, she executes copywriting, social media initiatives, graphic design, research and more with seamless reliability.

Lily is exceptionally hard working and grounded, bettering every project with her creative mind, attentive presence and intentional dedication. If you’re collaborating with Lily, consider her your constant. This grounded Taurus gal might be an astrological anomaly among Leos, but our team is oh-so grateful for all that she brings.

The biz + pleasure mix in her week? “Fun Fridays: It usually involves some kind of sweet treat, a midday coffee run or a little coupe of bubbly...sometimes all three.” Fact: She nails singing the alphabet backwards every time. That is, if she’s not busy getting down to the classics or country.

Ave Maria Beltran

Client Manager + Communications Specialist

Ave approaches every interaction with curiosity, thoughtfulness and an all-in approach. Since joining the Gentle Lion crew, she’s made big waves with her expressive and articulate take on creative content—driven to help brands and businesses amplify their unique identity.

Heart-led and soul-strong, Ave is invested in weaving her acquired wisdom of mental health and social justice through her work—a passion that’s led her to explore creating systems of equity in our industry. What does GL look like through her lens? “Both passionate and compassionate. Thoughtful, but not overthought. Brave and kind, lionhearted, dauntless and determined—and always hungry for more (our team is literally always snacking on something!).”

A true comfort creature and subscriber to self-care, Ave is equal parts work hard and play hard. At the office, she’s our go-to for a good mood—radiating joy, a lust for learning and dependable diligence that make this Taurus the dreamiest teammate. If you can get down with the soundtrack from A Walk to Remember, Ave just might be your new BFF!

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